Saturday, January 5, 2008

Coming At You

She may be in the top league in Bollywood, but Vidya Balan insists she hasn’t lost touch with her roots. Balan, though not a Bengali, feels a special affinity to the language. Her first Hindi movie, Parineeta , was directed by Pradeep Sarkar (a Bengali) and her recently released Bhool Bhulaiyaa had Vidya playing a Bengali character.

And recently when Bengali director Gautam Haldar, whom Vidya has known for a long time, approached her to play a leading role in his next film, ‘Mukti’, Vidya immediately said yes despite the fact that the movie did not have budget big enough to pay Vidya her usual acting fee. The reason, Vidya says, is that she has a high regard for director Gautam Haldar, who, she reveals, helped her discover the actress within.


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